Seattle-based GigabitNow will begin offering high-speed internet service to residential and business customers in Bloomington as early as January 2023.

In which neighborhoods the service will be rolled out initially is as yet unclear, as are monthly prices, though a GigabitNow official said they will be “competitive.” The company expects to provide service to 85% of the community by the first quarter of 2025.

Gigabit Chief Operating Officer Dan Sivils said crews will begin moving dirt next month and pass by homes in late December/early January. He said teams will be meeting soon to determine which areas of Bloomington will get the first gig-speed hookups.

Super fast:Internet service coming to Bloomington

GigabitNow will provide download and upload speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. The company is offering 1 Gbps speeds for $60 a month in Southern California, though Sivils said those networks were created by a different developer, meaning Bloomington residents may not get the same price.

GigabitNow’s website advertises its service will not require long-term contracts, will have 24/7 live customer service and “no hidden fees.” Potential customers can preregister now to get more information when the service becomes available.

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