Fifty-four inmates requested and received the Johnson & Johnson vaccination for the COVID-19 virus on Thursday, according to a news release from Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain.

Injections were given at the Monroe County Public Health Clinic and the vaccine was provided by the Indiana State Department of Health. Along with the inmates, one jail staff member also accepted a vaccination.

This vaccination program had been scheduled to begin on April 29 many weeks ago. It was not altered by the pause for review of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to the news release. One inmate made a late evening medical complaint of chills and headache, which medical staff provided treatment for, but on Friday morning, the inmate reported the symptoms had passed.

Sheriff Brad Swain and Jail Commander Sam Crowe plan to announce to inmates that those who are vaccinated will receive a $15 credit on their individual commissary accounts. The jail commissary offers snacks, beverages and optional hygiene products beyond what’s provided by the jail.

The program will continue for present and newly arrived inmates and jail medical staff will administer the vaccine. If a large number of requests come from the incentives being offered, Indiana Department of Health employees have made themselves available to administer vaccines, according to the news release.
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