SOUTH BEND — Nearly five years after Whole Woman's Health Alliance first sought to open a South Bend clinic, the abortion provider will close next month after Indiana legislators passed a ban on almost all abortions starting Sept. 15.

“Really the decision was made for us," Midwest Advocacy Director Sharon Lau said Tuesday. "It's not surprising. We will be continuing to see patients up until the ban law goes into effect, and after that time, we will have to close the clinic.”

The lone abortion provider in South Bend, Whole Woman's Health is one of seven licensed clinics in Indiana. Since opening in June 2019, it has provided more than 1,100 medication abortions, according to a clinic spokeswoman.

The seven Indiana abortion clinics whose licensure will be terminated by the new law perform 98% of abortions in the state, data shows.

St. Joe County health officials:States with most abortion restrictions tend to have worst maternal, infant mortality rates

The law permits abortions only in cases of rape, incest, a fatal fetal abnormality, or a threat to the life and health of the mother. Victims of rape or incest have up to 10 weeks after becoming pregnant to have an abortion. The procedure can occur only at hospitals and ambulatory outpatient surgical centers owned by hospitals.

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