MUNCIE— The committee charged with studying issues with big solar farms and developing changes to the Delaware County solar zoning ordinance will have to accommodate nearly opposite opinions among some of its members.

To committee member and farmer Joe Russell, planting fields of solar panels on his land wouldn't be all that different than doing the same with acres of corn.

"I'm collecting energy from the sun and turning it into a commodity," Russell said and the similarity between the crop and the panels that make electricity. He would get paid for both.

But solar represents a world of difference to many others who want to keep Delaware County's landscape near them producing acres of green crops, as it has from hundreds of years, rather than green energy, with steely solar panels potentially stretching across the horizon.

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"I think industrial solar is bad," said Reese Collins, a committee member and farmer near Gaston, who was part of the groundswell of opposition to a large solar farm in Washington Township proposed by Invenergy, a global renewable energy corporation based in Chicago.

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