For once, do the honorable thing, President Trump.

For the good of country, not self, submit your resignation.

By inciting the hooligan mob that breached the U.S. Capitol, disrupted certification of the Electoral College results, desecrated the halls of Congress and threatened our elected representatives, you committed treason, Mr. Trump.

Even for you, it’s a new low. Now more than ever, you are unworthy of holding the title of President of the United States.

What had seemed clear to many throughout your presidency has now become clear to all, save those hopelessly blinded by your lies and politics of hatred. You are unfit for office.

It there were time to impeach you, it would be the right course. If there were time to invoke the 25th Amendment, it would offer the right mechanism.

There isn’t time for either. Just 11 days remain before Joe Biden — the clear and lawful winner of the Electoral College despite your baseless and dangerous claims of election fraud — is inaugurated and sets a steady course for the country.

Impeachment could continue after you leave office and, if successful, would bar you from seeking a second term, but it would likely be a drawn-out affair that would demand the attention of Congress when it should be focused on confirming Biden’s cabinet.

Our nation simply has more important ways to spend its time after you’ve been rooted out of the Oval Office.

There is, however, time for you to do more damage between now and Jan. 20. There’s time for you to further hinder the transition of power to the Biden administration, endangering our national security. There’s time for you to muster your thugs for another assault on our democracy.

Now, Mr. Trump, there’s only one lawful way to remove the clear and present danger you pose to our country.


Do it today. Break ranks with your selfish instincts and offer a message of sincere reconciliation for the nation you’ve torn asunder.

Then leave the White House forever.
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