The Indiana Auditor’s Office has printed and mailed all of the state’s automatic taxpayer refund checks, the agency announced on Thursday.

More than 1.5 million checks finished printing on Sept. 21, and the last batch of checks were sent to the postal service the next day. A paper shortage in August had delayed the first round of checks.

“Most Hoosiers who filed a 2020 tax return in 2021 should have received their automatic taxpayer refund via direct deposit or mailed check by now,” State Auditor Tera Klutz said in a news release. 

Klutz added that while most eligible Hoosiers have received their refunds, “we are aware that many need further assistance to claim it.”

Because the checks being issued are based on the 2020 Indiana tax return, some recipients have since passed away or moved. Klutz said the state is working to get those checks reissued to the proper name and address.

Those who haven’t gotten a check or direct deposit yet are urged to wait until Nov. 1 to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue. The state says that gives it time to process returned mail.

A financial relief bill approved by lawmakers in August during a special legislative session appropriated over $1 billion in reserve accounts to send $200 checks to millions of eligible Hoosiers, including hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers utilizing Social Security or disability benefits.

That was after GOP Gov. Eric Holcomb announced that separate $125 checks would be distributed to Hoosiers, triggered in 2021 by high state reserves. Reserves higher than 12.5% of the budget trigger the automatic taxpayer refund.

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