MISHAWAKA — Touting it as the highest raise for any group of city employees in recent memory, Mishawaka officials recently approved raises for city police officers in an effort to keep up with a fiercely competitive law enforcement market and put more cops in the field.  

The raises were approved unanimously by the Mishawaka Common Council last month and will see officers receive a 7% raise in 2023 along with a 5% raise in 2024. Though city attorneys are still working with the Fraternal Order of Police on the final language of the full contract, council member Mike Compton said the raises will go toward accomplishing the city’s goal of attracting officers. 

“In the end, this was about, I think you see it, the completeness between different departments in the area,” Compton said. “So it was a lot of discussion about that and how do we keep Mishawaka a place people will want to come to and work?”

Council president Gregg Hixenbaugh agreed and said the new pay package makes Mishawaka more competitive in “an era where there is much more of a demand and opportunity for police officers to move from community to community.” 

For 2022, a patrolman first class — the rank that makes up the majority of the Mishawaka Police Department — made around $64,500. By 2024, that number will rise to approximately $72,500.

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