The Delphi Redevelopment Commission (DRDC) took formal steps to make a portion of county property a commercial Tax Increment Financing (TIF) allocation area at its Wednesday, March 16, meeting.

DRDC members present included Randy Strasser, Spencer Kingery and Joe Mayfield. Delphi Mayor Werling, who is not a voting member of the DRDC, indicated property owners to the north and east of Delphi along SR218 want to develop the property for commercial use. The proposed TIF also includes The Andersons.

“There will be development there,” Werling advised.

The group unanimously approved letters of engagement from Barnes and Thornburg, for up to $10,000, and from Baker Tilly, for between $5,000 and $10,000, for services related to establishing the new commercial TIF. Werling advised the city will pay half of both costs.

One member indicated that Carroll County might want to establish a TIF for the commercial growth. Werling said the county could “do a separate TIF.”

“I don’t think that would be viewed as an alternative,” she said.

Strasser asked about annexation plans and Werling said those would be down the road. She said the DRDC will ask for an interlocal agreement to TIF land in the county. She mentioned this has been done before with the county and she thought it would be accomplished again.
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