Midwest landscape is new focal point in downtown Burlington. Photo courtesy of Shelly Wiles
Midwest landscape is new focal point in downtown Burlington. Photo courtesy of Shelly Wiles
There’s something new in Burlington!

A mural on the north side of the One More Cup Cafe on Michigan Road appeared in just four days last week showing a farm scene straight out of Carroll County, with the back of a typical farmer, a pig peeking into the picture, a barn and some soybeans against a midwest landscape and blue sky graced by an eagle passing through.

The mural is by the artist Cobre, which is the creative signature of Andreas Ingleasis, an international muralist who is a native of Argentina. The mural is part of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation’s Mural Initiative and is funded in part by TAF and also by the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (whose major funder is the Lilly Endowment) as part of their cultural enrichment component.

Even though the painting of the mural is complete, because of the work being slowed by weekend rain, the planning committee has opted to delay a formal dedication ceremony until a later date, probably November or December when Cobre will be able to be back in the USA for the occasion. Look for those details to come.

A result of two years of planning, interrupted by COVID 19, the mural happened with lots of community support. The building owner, Larry Hayes of Hayes Construction, Kokomo, had to sign off on permission, as did the Faith Church of Christ, which owns the cafe. Arranging for financing, the artist, and the design was the work of Tetia Lee from TAF with the support of a local committee chaired by Wyndham Traxler Carter, Regional Advisory Council member for TAF from Carroll County. Other committee members included: Mark Smith, Mary Voorhies, Lindsey Penn, James Rich, Neil Mylet, Karen Clawson, Bill Shidler, and Jenna Fassnacht.

Several community members were involved in keeping the artist fed while he worked.

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