MUNCIE — Located in an area of the United States that has been heavily impacted by the opioid crisis, Delaware County is home to dozens of addiction recovery programs to help those who are suffering.

From assisting mothers with substance abuse to helping homeless individuals beat addiction, the programs are scattered throughout local health-care systems, shelter programs and law enforcement initiatives.

Now, one academic-community partnership is working to bring them together under one roof, to help share information and collaborate on future projects.

Starting in September 2019 as a discussion among a few Ball State University faculty members about how the university could help address the problem of addiction locally, the Addictions Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC) now works with about 15 community partners and has a membership registry in the hundreds.

Helping hand:
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As Jean Marie Place, an associate professor of health science and co-founder of the coalition, was working on a book about addiction and speaking to local organizations, she began to notice a pattern.
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