ALBION — The Noble County Jail has 12 inmates with the coronavirus, Noble County Sheriff Max Weber said Tuesday.

Only three of the 12 inmates is symptomatic, Weber said, and those three cases are relatively minor with low fever and some body aches.

“Nobody has had to go to the hospital,” Weber said. “They just have slight symptoms.”

The jail’s nurse is monitoring the health of the inmates, Weber said.

A couple of weeks ago, the Indiana State Department of Health came to the jail and did widespread testing. Only one inmate at that time was found to be positive for the virus, Weber said.

Health department officials were expected to be back at the jail today for further testing of inmates and jail staff.

The jail is doing what it can to contain the spread of the virus.

“They’re all locked down into a block by themselves,” Weber said. “We’re following all the protocols.”

Earlier testing done this year found one inmate who tested positive. That inmate did not have any symptoms, but was moved into isolation just in case. When tested again, the COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed.

The nature of the virus makes it impossible to prevent, Weber said.

Neighboring jails have had better luck — at least for now.

According to DeKalb County Sheriff Dave Cserep, his jail has one inmate that has tested positive for the virus.

LaGrange County Sheriff Jeff Campos said his jail has no cases.

“We have zero and are working our tails off to keep it that way,” Campos said. “Our building is locked down, the lobby is only open Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and then it is completely sanitized.

“We are also quarantining all new arrests for up to 14 days. We are doing what we can 24/7.
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