The way Senior Patrol Officer Paul Post sees it, some dramatic changes need to occur if the city of Bloomington intends to maintain a stable and adequately staffed police department.

As a longtime member of the Bloomington Police Department, Post is the patrol officers' representative in collective bargaining and also is president of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter.

He's compiled data tracking the number of officers who have left the department over the past decade. And he lists the reasons why they moved on.

Since 2011, 98 officers have left BPD's ranks, and two more are expected to resign in October. Over a decade, the reasons for leaving have shifted. Ten years ago, retirement was a major reason to leave BPD.

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Nowadays, a good number of officers are leaving the profession entirely, citing low wages, too many long shifts with overtime and a growing number of citizens critical of police and calling for reforms that entail fewer cops.

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