EDWARDSVILLE — Lots at the Novaparke Innovation & Technology Campus are officially for sale, as Floyd County officials welcome an important phase in the development of the business park.

Fourteen lots ranging in size from one to over five acres are available for purchase.

“We’re looking obviously for the research and development, biomedical, life science, advanced manufacturing types of firms,” said Don Lopp, director of operations for Floyd County.

County officials have acknowledged since the initial phases of the project that Novaparke can’t match the land size of River Ridge Commerce Center in neighboring Clark County. Instead, Floyd County is seeking to establish a tech hub and advanced manufacturing base at Novaparke.

The county’s redevelopment commission has largely overseen the construction of Novaparke, and will play a sizable role in negotiating land purchases and deals for the property. Marketing began last week as a soft launch for sales. Prices will depend on the type of business seeking a lot with the county to favor firms that will bring high-paying jobs to Southern Indiana, Lopp said.

The county may also engage the state to offer tax incentives to lure businesses to the park, a tool used by most economic development entities and governing bodies in Southern Indiana.

Though the county is hoping to soon welcome tenants to the business park, construction is ongoing at Novaparke. The county is awaiting various approvals to proceed with an important access road that will carry traffic over the railroad tracks at the park.

“That way the train lines won’t stop traffic,” Lopp said. “There will always be access to the park.”

The campus will also be boosted by Indiana’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative, or READI. Floyd County is expected to receive more than $4 million in READI dollars for the construction of entrepreneurial and laboratory space at Novaparke, which is still under construction.

The project has received initial approval and the county will go back before the regional development authority board likely in September to receive the official OK. The state can then approve the project and release the READI funds.

Floyd County Commissioner John Schellenberger said he’s excited Novaparke has reached a major milestone with the availability of lots for sale.

“Novaparke is evolving and each day and each week we get closer to bringing this thing to fruition,” he said.
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