Greencastle radio station WREB FM is set to be sold, according to an FCC filing uploaded Monday.

According to the local marketing agreement signed on June 28, 3 Towers Broadcasting Co. LLC is set to take over as the programmer of 94.3 FM from The Original Co. Inc.

The effective date is scheduled for Aug. 1.

A local marketing agreement allows station owners to program and operate another station without purchasing — or prior to purchasing — the license for that station.

The marketing agreement references a purchasing agreement, indicating a sale is pending.

The sale from The Original Co. Inc. to 3 Towers Broadcasting is pending Federal Communications Commission approval.

Three Towers Broadcasting is the Shelbyville-based owner of Giant FM, the name under which WSVX 96.5 FM, Shelbyville, and WROI 92.1 FM, Rochester -- which was recently named Fulton County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year -- operate.

“We’re very excited for this opportunity to be a part of Greencastle, Putnam County and the surrounding communities through WREB Radio,” Johnny McCrory, co-owner and vice president of 3 Towers Broadcasting, said. “All of our Giant FM stations have stressed entertaining, informative ties with our local news, sports and events coverage. We believe our listeners, website readers and social media followers will find value with ‘Giant FM.’”

It was initially unclear if the sale would bring about a format change from WREB’s current adult contemporary programming. Of the two Giant FM stations, WSVX is a country station, while WROI is adult contemporary.

In addition, 3 Towers Broadcasting operates online news sources Shelby County Post (, Hancock County Post ( and Fulton County Post (, as well as the soon-to-be-created Putnam County Post.

Shelbyville’s local radio station has been around since 1961, originally branded WSVL. 3 Towers Broadcasting, created by Scott Huber, Johnny McCrory, Douglas Raab and Todd Glidden, took over operations in 2007 and is now expanding its “Giant FM” brand to a fourth market.

“’Giant FM is a branding image used by our stations today,” said McCrory, who continues to run operations with Huber following the deaths of Raab (in 2011) and Glidden (2013). “It provides an identity across our multiple radio frequencies as we communicate with thousands of people with varying occupations, concerns, interests and more. ‘Giant FM” believes in being a vibrant part of the local community. We are plugged into our community and strive to be the reason our listeners are, as well.”
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