The Indiana State Department of Health on Wednesday reported 4,070 more cases of COVID-19, the highest number of daily cases since mid-September.

The moving average of daily cases has climbed from 1,660 at the beginning of the month to 3,250, an increase of 95.8%.

Statewide hospitalizations due to COVID-19 continue to escalate, rising from 1,764 on Monday to 1,842 on Tuesday, the highest number since Oct. 5. They are up 42.7% since the beginning of the month. COVID patients occupy 19.6% of Indiana’s intensive care unit beds.

Another 17 deaths from COVID-19 were reported to the state on Tuesday, raising the total to 16,805. An average of 16 deaths have occurred daily over the past seven days.

More than 3.4 million Hoosiers had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Wednesday at 5 a.m. after a daily increase of 2,725. Meanwhile, more than 741,000 Hoosiers have already gotten vaccine boosters.

The department said 60.3% of Indiana residents 18 and older are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 cases

*New COVID-19 cases: 4,070

Total cumulative cases: 1,084,488

COVID-19 deaths

New deaths: 17

Total cumulative deaths: 16,805

COVID-19 testing

New tested individuals: 7,157

Total cumulative tested individuals: 4,495,695

Cumulative positivity rate unique individuals: 24%

Cumulative positivity rate all tests: 8.6%

Seven-day positivity rate unique individuals: 20.7%**

Seven-day positivity rate all tests: 10.5%**

** The health department reports the 7-day positivity rates with a six-day lag to allow time for more comprehensive results.

COVID-19 vaccinations

Statewide totals (Dec. 14–Nov. 24)

First dose administered: 3,466,196 (daily increase of 5,816)

Fully vaccinated: 3,422,242 (daily increase of 2,725)

Booster doses: 741,724 (daily increase of 20,250)

County numbers

Marion County cumulative cases: 142,556 (increase of 322)

Marion County new deaths: 3

Marion County cumulative deaths: 2,217

Marion County 7-day positivity rate unique individuals: 16.5%

Marion County 7-day positivity rate all tests: 8.8%

Hamilton County cumulative cases: 49,481

Hendricks County cumulative cases: 25,548

Johnson County cumulative cases: 26,876

Madison County cumulative cases: 20,440

Boone County cumulative cases: 9,576

Hancock County cumulative cases: 12,644

Morgan County cumulative cases: 10,134

Shelby County cumulative cases: 7,958

Indiana intensive care unit usage

ICU beds in use by COVID-19 patients: 19.6%

Available ICU beds: 23.9%

U.S. and worldwide numbers

As of Wednesday, from Johns Hopkins University:

U.S. cases: 47,992,251

U.S. deaths: 773,987

Global cases: 259,082,763

Global deaths: 5,170,927

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