After months of community meetings and informational sessions, the Monroe County Community School Corp. voted Tuesday to place a 2022 referendum on the November ballot.

As November approaches, the corporation plans to ramp up its advocacy for the referendum. This will include forming a political action committee and door-to-door campaigning. 

MCCSC:The school corporation needs another referendum if it doesn't want to make cuts. How might it be done?

 Here’s what to know about the MCCSC referendum before heading to the polls in November:

What is a referendum, and why does MCCSC need one?

A referendum is a public question that a local unit places on a ballot. In terms of schools, voters decide whether to allow an increase in property taxes to supplement school funds.

School referenda can be used for purposes such as construction projects or increasing teacher salaries. The MCCSC’s referendum is for its operations fund, which means it pays for teacher and staff salaries and student programs but not for building renovations.

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