Tolls on the Indiana Toll Road will rise July 1, the road's operator, ITRCC, announced this week.

The toll for a typical two-axle passenger vehicle for a trip across the entire length of the road will increase about 10% from $12.28 to $13.50; for a typical five-axle semi, the toll will rise at a similar rate, from $66.30 to $72.88. Tolls vary according to vehicle class, distance travelled and payment method. Detailed toll rates can be found at

ITRCC's ability to raise tolls is included in its lease agreement with the state, which also includes an obligation on the company's part to invest in the infrastructure. In its announcement of the increasing tolls, ITRCC said it has spent over $600 million on upgrades since 2016, including the reconstruction of more than 70% of pavement lane miles, interchanges and bridges, reconstruction of the eight travel plazas across the corridor and deployment of an Intelligent Transportation System.

The company also said it is making a major upgrade and modernization of its toll plaza technology and lane system. The project is expected to be completed in late 2022.

The Indiana Toll Road, in operation since 1956, extends 157 miles across northern Indiana.
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