WEST LAFAYETTE — The license transfer and sale of WBAA to WFYI/MIPM was announced Friday to be officially completed.

In February this year, Purdue signed an asset purchase agreement with Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Media that secured WBAA radio AM and FM from Purdue over to MIPM. While this was met with some disapproval from the general public, progress on the transfer has been throughout the last 12 months.

It was in July 2021 when the intent to sell WBAA was first announced. The first air date of WBAA was April 4, 1922.

WBAA will continue to operate out of its current studios in Purdue's Elliot Hall of Music, according to the university. However, it is now officially part of WFYI/MPIM's services.

"Per the final agreement," a release from Purdue states, "WBAA will maintain its call letters, its strong heritage and a physical presence in Greater Lafayette. Local news and reporting, NPR and global news, and classical music — mainstays of WBAA’s current lineup — will continue to be aired on WBAA-AM and WBAA-FM and its digital frequencies."

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