LAKE VILLAGE — Lake Village Elementary School is closed through the end of the week because of a high number of respiratory syncytial virus cases, North Newton School Corp. Superintendent Ryan Middleton said Wednesday.

Classes will resume Monday with recommendation from the Indiana Department of Health, Middleton said. The school closed Tuesday when a high number of students and teachers called in sick.

Middleton said the school has about 10 confirmed cases of RSV. However, about 70 students have reported symptoms consistent with RSV and influenza.

The decision to close the school was made by Middleton and the head nurse at Lake Village. Both have been in contact with the ISDH this week, Middleton said. The school principal is among those out sick this week.

The school will not be conducting remote learning because of the growing number of students and teachers who are ill, Middleton said. The administration believes it will decrease quality of instruction if students and teachers are feeling unwell.

Middleton said administrators toyed with the idea of reopening the building Friday but have decided not to, hoping that cases will subside over the weekend.

"Normally in cases like this, we'd only be out until Friday," Middleton said. "But what's the point of trying to force a Friday if it could cause another spike in illness?"

The school will discuss how to make up the missed school days with the Indiana Department of Education.

The closure doesn't affect NNSC's other schools, Middleton said.
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