The former Coca-Cola plant, sitting north of downtown Shelbyville, could become the site of a development that comprises both commercial and residential use if plans presented by the Indianapolis company Birge and Held to the City Council come to fruition.

Birge & Held Vice President Sam Rogers gave a presentation to the City Council on Monday, outlining the company’s vision for the redevelopment of the building, located at 405 N. Harrison St., in Shelbyville.

The potential development would include the creation of an apartment complex with around 160-172 units with parking underneath, and the former Coca-Cola plant would possibly become a restaurant, brewery or distillery. The company is looking at 15,000 square feet of commercial space and about 13,000 square feet in the back half of amenity space.

Rogers said the company began meeting with Plan Director Adam Rude about six months ago to talk about another site and Rude mentioned the Coca-Cola plant property, which drew Birge and Held’s interest.

“We’re very, very excited about this project,” he said. “We’ve been looking at Shelbyville for quite some time. We’ve just been so impressed with all the job growth and obviously the new town square.”

He went onto say the property would make a great site to combine the Coca-Cola building with multi-family housing.

“Given the job growth in the area, it’s a much-needed aspect for the city and it just kind of builds on the town square,” he said.

Craig McCormick of Blackline Studio, who would be the architect of the project, said the goal would be to keep the character of the front of the building and use it as inspiration in the back.

The apartment complex is proposed to be H-shaped and he said they saw a “real opportunity” to create a trail head amenity that connects to the street.

“We see a great opportunity to make a great connection to what has been done in the downtown,” he said, adding the site is two blocks from downtown Shelbyville.

Indianapolis has seen similar development, he said, creating a boon in property value.

“We see this site as a key piece in a larger idea of how to connect some things in Shelbyville,” he said.

The entire project’s budget is around $34 million, Rogers said.

Birge & Held is targeting construction to begin in mid- to late-summer.

No vote was taken by the City Council since Birge & Held continues to work with the city in purchasing the property where the apartment complex is proposed to be located.
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