MISHAWAKA — Thirty-eight million dollars does not buy as much nowadays.

That fact was apparent Tuesday night as Mishawaka Redevelopment Commission members took their first steps to bring a regional sports facility to the area.

They and the developer originally thought Mishawaka Fieldhouse could be built all at once, but rising costs have now prompted them to divide the project into two phases instead.

The first phase of the project — consisting of 10 indoor courts for a variety of sports — is planned to be built on Veterans Parkway north of Douglas Road on 49 acres the city has provided. Four baseball fields and future expansion for the possibility of ice rinks are now set as a second phase that is not yet determined.

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In the works since 2015, members of Visit South Bend/Mishawaka joined sports facility developer and operator Andy Card, CEO of Card & Associates, and representatives of Baker Tilley to reveal the details of the plan going forward.

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