Could it be law enforcement does not understand how they look in the Carroll County community when it comes to solving crimes against children? We wonder who is making the decisions not to communicate with the local community about two of the most heinous crimes to have happened in this county. We wonder why, after all of this time, the talking line continues to be “we know things that only the perpetrator(s) know?”

Five years ago Nov. 21, four young sisters were victims of a house fire in Flora. The cause of the fire was determined to be arson years ago, so the girls were murdered. Was this intentional or a result of an attempt to harm someone else in the house? It really does not matter. The girls died.

Five years ago next February, two middle school girls were murdered on or around the Monon High Bridge Trail outside of Delphi. There is no question about that.

In both of these horrific events, the community has been shut out to help find the perpetrators due to lack of information about the murders. Police are now refusing to even give a statement on the anniversaries of the events…. and it really doesn’t seem that strategy is working for them. It sure isn’t working for us.

Information about the murders abounds on the Internet. There are pages and pages dedicated to both crimes. There are people all over the world trying to solve these mysteries and they have to rely on what is written on the Internet, because the local investigators refuse to talk. And when these pseudo-sleuths make what they consider a discovery or uncover a fact, they tell the world about it.

But here in Carroll County there is only silence from local investigators and the same is true from the State Police as well as the State Fire Marshal’s office. We cannot understand how saying absolutely nothing about the progress (or lack thereof) concerning the investigations is a good thing. In the early days of both investigations, this MO was accepted. But after five years – not so much.

We wonder how many tips are received for both crimes each week? The Comet does not get tips anymore about the Flora fire but we sure get them about the double homicide. We turned one into Sheriff Leazenby just this week that a non-reader sent us. Apparently those who feel they have something to contribute feel more welcome to talk to the newspaper than the police!

And let’s not forget all of the community members who were present at one or both crime scenes directly after the events. They have all written texts, made phone calls and have talked to numerous other community members who have also talked to numerous community members. A lot of that communication has ended up on the Internet.

Yet, we hear nothing from any investigator involved.

And now it has come to light that at least one (or more) FBI field agents who were present at the beginning of the double homicide investigation is being investigated himself for official misconduct because he knew of sexual misconduct allegations against the U.S. Olympics Gymnasts’ doctor for at least eight months and said nothing! And then allegedly lied about it during the investigation! (Thank you, Indy Star)

This cannot be good news for Carroll County.

We believe, as do many community members, this silence must stop.

Someone has to draw a line in the sand about what is valuable to the investigations and what is nothing more than refusing to acknowledge these cases should be considered cold cases.
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