A conceptual illustration of a modern skatepark like the one recently completed in Batesville. Illustration provided
A conceptual illustration of a modern skatepark like the one recently completed in Batesville. Illustration provided
BATESVILLE – The Batesville Area Skatepark Advocacy group in partnership with the city of Batesville and Batesville Parks and Recreation have announced that the Batesville Skatepark and Outdoor Adventure is completed and open to the public.

A year of planning and fundraising finally paid off for the Batesville Skatepark Advocacy group.

“The Batesville Skatepark core group including Stephanie Feller, Lisa Gausman, Laura Hollins, Ben Peters, Emily Placke and Andrea Tepe are so excited to have this skatepark in our community!” Amy Carpenter said. “The skatepark turned out even more amazing than we could have imagined, and we are so excited for the people of our community and surrounding communities to enjoy the skatepark. This skatepark offers a safe gathering place for people of all ages and a place for creative outdoor play in a supportive community. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make this a reality!”

Mayor Mike Bettice said, “A new, state-of-the-art, modern skatepark will provide Batesville youth with a great opportunity to get outdoors and have fun, while also serving as a real attraction for folks from surrounding counties to travel to our community to use the skatepark. The skatepark will also allow for easy access to Liberty Park and other amenities and will be easily accessible by the trail system.”

“The design for the new Batesville skatepark is around 11,000 square feet,” Bart Smith, co-owner of Hunger Skateparks, said. “It’s a nice combination of transition and street with an emphasis on friendly beginner flow with the potential to grow. Ask anyone regionally what they know about Batesville, and they will likely say coffins because of the local coffin-building industry. Of course, that shape was included in the design in a few different places. I’m beyond excited to provide a meaningful space for people to stay active and be a part of a unique community.”

Hunger Skateparks is a skateboarder-owned and operated, full-service concrete skatepark design and build company. Their designs are innovative, 
balanced, and engaging for all styles and levels of skateboarding.

The company utilizes building techniques that ensure long-lasting parks with low long-term maintenance.

“Our approach to park design and building involves a high level of collaboration in order to develop projects unique to the community it will serve,” Smith said. “Hunger Skateparks’ highest aim is not to build parks that few have the ability to enjoy but to create balanced and creative parks that inspire a large audience. A successful park is a wellused park.”

The skatepark advocates are master planning the area and hope to add a bike-oriented pump track, rock-climbing boulder, and music area near the park.

The Batesville Skatepark and Outdoor Adventure is open every day from dawn to dusk.
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