Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Monday joined the governors of six other Midwestern states in a coalition aimed at boosting hydrogen energy.

“Strong partnerships and collaborations with our neighbors will foster a robust hydrogen ecosystem that will spur future growth in Indiana,” Holcomb said in a news release. “The Regional Hydrogen Coalition represents an opportunity for Hoosiers to benefit from this growing industry here in the Midwest.”

The coalition will provide a regional framework for creating a hydrogen market, supply chain and workforce “ecosystem,” according to the voluntary Midwest Hydrogen Coalition Memorandum of Understanding Holcomb signed. That framework, according to the MOU, will also support cooperation between states in energy security, environmental sustainability, public health improvements and innovation — with an emphasis on equitably felt benefits and community engagement.

“Developing a strong Midwest hydrogen market ecosystem that reduces pollution, enhances energy security and improves public health outcomes will enable existing industries to remain globally competitive and encourage new industries to build and grow in the Midwest,” Holcomb’s office said.

The coalition is meant to leverage participating states’ assets; other members include Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Indiana, according to the news release, will focus its manufacturing, engineering, and research and development expertise on promoting production.

Indiana’s Office of Energy Development notes that the element, long eyed as a renewable energy source, can be used in transportation fuel cells, power and heat generation, and energy storage.

It’s already used in ammonia production, which is why the Midwest — according to the MOU — has the U.S.’ most extensive hydrogen infrastructure network.

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