Gib Apple’s 35-page timeline detailing nearly six decades of radio and television manufacturing at Bloomington’s RCA plant became the outline of a newly published book celebrating the thousands of people who worked at the plant.

The afternoon former RCA personnel department employee Alexandra Lynch saw the “Women of RCA” photo exhibit on display at the Monroe County History Center in January 2019, she went home and wrote Apple a letter stating someone should write a book about RCA in Bloomington.

Apple had worked there from 1960 through 1992, retiring as plant manager. He wrote back. “I was so pleased to hear from you about the RCA book,” he said. “I’ve already started it.”

The two started meeting and reviewing Apple’s year-by-year timeline. Remembering, documenting.

He showed her his collection of RCA souvenirs, mementos, photographs and all sorts of Nipper dogs and items related to the image of the white canine with black ears that was an RCA mascot of sorts. Stuffed Nippers, Nipper advertising, a cast-iron Nipper doorstop.
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