ALBION — A study from the Indiana Destination Development Corporation and Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch highlights the growth and positive impact of Indiana’s tourism industry in Noble County and its local economy.

Local tourism has continued to be a catalyst for economic growth at the county level,” said IDDC Secretary and CEO, Elaine Bedel. “As visitors explore our unique communities, they not only experience our genuine Hoosier hospitality, but they also contribute significantly to the prosperity of the local businesses they visit. From quaint main streets to rich cultural attractions, local tourism enriches our communities and creates a sense of pride that ripples throughout the state.”

The following is a summary of the Noble County Economic Impact Report for 2022:

According to the report, visitors to Noble County spent $32.3 million on goods and services, which supported 319 jobs and generated $7.4 million in total wages. Additionally, Noble County tourism contributed $3.2 million in taxes at the state and federal levels. The report highlights the growth of Noble County Tourism, which has become the 12th-largest industry in the county and has shown the most growth compared to any other industry. Of the 319 jobs supported by tourism, 270 were directly related to the industry.

Grace Caswell, executive director of the Noble County Convention and Visitors Bureau, emphasized the importance of tourism spending for the local community. She explained that it helps small businesses, restaurants, attractions, museums, and lodging establishments to flourish. Caswell also mentioned that Visit Noble County aims to preserve the region’s cultural heritage by offering interactive experiences that foster a sense of pride in the area. 
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