Fayette County is experiencing a renewed sense of hope as the IRACS team, a launched program initiated by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and others demonstrates success, in tackling the challenging issue of recidivism. The program focuses on providing support and resources to help former inmates reintegrate into society and avoid returning to jail.

During the Fayette County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Zac Jones expressed his hope for the IRACS programs results. Since its launch in early December, every individual who has participated in the program has successfully avoided reincarceration. This statistic instills great optimism for the long term potential of this initiative, according to Jones.

“Over the last 75 days, the FCSD has only had one person return to jail after being in the program,” Jones said. “The jail census that is typically 140-150 is down to 114.”

The IRACS team takes an approach to address the causes of recidivism. Participants receive guidance on finding housing, securing employment, accessing services and building supportive networks. This approach equips individuals with tools and resources necessary to rebuild their lives and break free, from the cycle of incarceration.

One crucial aspect of the program focuses on the importance of finding housing.

“Having a place to live is vital, for anyone looking to get on their feet. Without a residence it becomes extremely challenging to find employment, or establish connections. The IRACS team works tirelessly to connect individuals with housing options and provides support.”

In addition to housing assistance the program also offers case management, life skills training and mental health support. This comprehensive support system helps individuals address issues that may have contributed to their time in incarceration and empowers them to create a future for themselves.

Although it still stages the initial success of the IRACSs team is generating “hope” throughout Fayette County jail.

If you’re interested in learning more, about the IRACS program each out to the Fayette County Sheriff’s office.
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