LAFAYETTE — Amtrak's on-time performance went from bad to worse in July, and the federal government is growing increasingly frustrated with the primary driver of those delays: CSX Corp. 

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, CSX owns about 21,000 miles of track. Amtrak's Hoosier State and Cardinal trains run on CSX tracks between Indianapolis and Dyer. 

On-time performance of the Hoosier State train fell from an already abysmal 61.8 percent in June to 54.3 percent in July. Its sister train, the Cardinal, was on time only 23.1 percent of the time.

The trains, which run between Indianapolis, Lafayette and Chicago, are among the worst-performing trains in Amtrak's system. 

The poor numbers are the latest evidence that recent operational changes made by CSX are hindering Amtrak's ability to get people to their destination on time. 

CSX's problems have put the railroad in the crosshairs of the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, which has intensified its pressure on the company and its CEO, Hunter Harrison, to improve. 

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