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Visteon Corp. officials informed employees in their Connersville plant today that the facility will close Sept. 1.

All 890 employees at the Connersville plant about 60 miles southeast of Indianapolis will be affected, said Kimberley Goode, spokeswoman for Michigan-based Visteon.

Goode said it is not clear if those employees will be terminated, given severance packages or opportunities for re-assignment within the company.

"The employees are just being notified this afternoon, and the details are being worked out," Goode said.


"After a thorough review, we do not believe there is a viable business case to continue operating the plant," Joy Greenway, vice president of Visteon's climate group, said in a statement. "Visteon is committed to taking necessary action as part of our ongoing effort to restructure our business and improve our operations. We are proud of our workforce and recognize the impact of such a decision on our employees, unions and the local community, with whom we have a positive relationship."

The plant makes components for auto air-conditioning and fuel injectors. The Ford supplier plans to phase out operations as products reach the end of their production cycles.

The closing will be a massive blow to Connersville and nearby communities. The cuts approach nearly one-third of the manufacturing work force in Fayette County, according to government statistics.

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