GREENSBURG –Greensburg Mayor Josh Marsh delivered his 2024 State of the City address Monday in the Branch Coffeehouse large meeting room during the noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Greensburg.

Marsh gave a short introduction for the speech by saying he was pleased to continue serving the community alongside his teammates during his second term.

“Clerk-Treasurer Borns, the City Council, the Board of Works, our administration, and all our team members have all worked together, allowing me to proudly and confidently state that the financial position and the state of our city is strong,” he said.

Marsh was complimentary of Borns saying under her leadership “we continue to be good stewards of funds,” and with strong finances since 2020 “we can continue to pursue investments in all areas to improve our community.”

He talked about the Greensburg utilities, the wastewater plant, the water treatment plant and the utility office as having a big year in 2023. He mentioned the various upgrades each had undergone to insure “we have safe drinking water and meet strict regulations for our discharge.”

He talked about the new billing software installed in 2023, modernizing the payment system with which residents could better manage their water bills and check their water usage in real time. He said the revamp of the meter reading infrastructure was a massive undertaking.

He introduced the new Citizen Reporter tab on the city’s website. It allows residents to file complaints and report street condition issues. Marsh encouraged all residents to use the new resource.

He thanked retired City Engineer Ron May for his work over the almost 10 years he was in the city’s employ. He welcomed May’s replacement, Director of Public Projects Zach Wirrig.

“We’re excited to welcome Zach and his family to our team,” Marsh said.

He complimented the shared-cost sidewalk and curb improvement programs and the Unified Development Ordinance the city recently adopted, and touted the 189 building permits issued in Greensburg in 2023.

In 2023, the city sent 395 violation letters to homeowners, and Marsh said the Street Department continues to “work with our neighbors to enhance their appearance, health and safety.”

Next, Marsh reviewed the infrastructure and cosmetic improvements made to 5.2 lane miles of the city using Community Crossings grants, and then spoke about the $318,000 dedicated to Franklin Street on the east side of the square, with construction beginning this spring.

He talked about the new homes for the fire and street departments currently being built on Broadway Street and said, “For the first time, we are giving our teammates a place with appropriate restrooms, lunch facilities, and space to thrive as a team.”

He profiled the activities of the GFD and their increased use of the drone emergency response team. He complimented the GPD for a decrease in local crime and attributed it to the increased presence and visibility of police officers and community trust inspired by the 2023 Public Safety Summer Cookouts.

Marsh invited residents to take part the April 8 eclipse events scheduled for Pirate Park.

“This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event,” he said, “and I hope you will join us for two days of celebration.”

He spoke of the visit of the Indonesian Consul General downtown in the early part of the year, talking about the union of the Consulate and Greensburg in “leading the charge in making a difference” in how the world is fed.

He also talked about foreign investment in the city and then spoke briefly about recent trips to further enhance cooperation with the city in providing growth and an increased local job market.

As the president of the Main Street Greensburg organization, Marsh invited the assemblage to become involved with strengthening downtown business by serving as volunteers and board members.

He emphasized the importance of getting youth involved in the future and spoke about the activities of the Greensburg Mayor's Youth Council.

“They are our future,” Marsh said. “We must keep them engaged and ensure Greensburg is the place they want to be when they choose anywhere in the world as their base.”

Marsh touted the introduction of handicapped facilities and the new tournamentsized horseshoe area at City Park, and the Building Bridges Inclusion Park that opened in 2023.

“This project truly moves the needle on why someone may decide to move to Greensburg and Decatur County. These investments are worth every dollar,” he said.

As he drew his presentation to a close, he said, “I promise to continue to work harder than ever to improve the prospects for every person who calls Greensburg home. We need to usher in changes to access housing, childcare, opportunities for education, and economic advancement while maintaining Greensburg’s charm. We can. I am committed to working every day towards that goal. Please join me, embrace it, and welcome those you meet on the street.”
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