To better inform the community on locals news, TV3 Connersville has a new program, TV3 News Journal.

TV3NJ will be a bi-weekly local news program that focuses exclusively on local news that other news media may have missed or not been able to cover completely. Topics covered will be government meetings, local concerns, local events, local businesses, etc. Main topics for the program will be local news only.

A couple years ago, TV3 Executive Director John Pause visited an access station in Michigan they were producing something similar, which utilized local volunteer news producers and Pause thought it would be a great program for our community.

“TV3 is producing the newscast but the stories are generated by a local group of volunteers who are already deeply involved with our community,” Pause said. “Some of our news crew includes Carla Beard, Cindy Perez, Brad Colter and several others. Carla is heading up the volunteer crew and more volunteers will be added as we grow. Students will also be utilized, especially CHS Media students who want to intern or get involved in producing more local media. TV3 News Journal will offer news stories and personal interviews that are about the people and events in and around our community.

“The idea behind TV3 News Journal is to be a solid source of information for stories that might be normally overlooked. If there’s a local issue that’s not being addressed or a local event that is not being promoted we want to be able to be there to provide that service.”

TV3NJ will air weekdays on TV3 cable (Comcast & Metronet locally) at 5:10 p.m. following CHS Today. Programming will also be aired at and on their Facebook page at and their Facebook TV3 News Journal group.

“We want to be able to provide solid reliable news to the citizens of our community.”

The first episode will be airing November 17 at 5:10 p.m. on TV3.

“As we grow and the volunteers become more comfortable the program will probably grow to a weekly show. Information is important to everyone in our community and the more reliable media outlets we have the more people will know what is happening and why.”
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