A special investigation by the Indiana State Board of Accounts has identified $131,503.25 in personal and undocumented spending over a four-year period by former Bearcreek Township Trustee Katrina Miller.

Details of the investigation have been forwarded to Jay County Prosecutor’s Office and the office of the Indiana Attorney General.

Miller, who left office at the end of 2018, has admitted to spending $8,215.91 in township funds for personal expenses, the state’s report says. But she contests the higher amount identified by the special investigation.

The state’s detailed look at township finances from 2015 through 2018 came about after current township trustee Crystal Laux expressed concerns to the state board of accounts about undocumented spending during Miller’s tenure.

The $8,215.91 that Miller has admitted to spending on personal expenses “included, but were not limited to, travel expenses for trips to Put-In Bay, Ohio, the Smoky Mountains and New Orleans,” the special investigation report says.

“We were unable to identify a township business related purposes for the remaining $123,287.34 of undocumented disbursements,” the report says. “These included, but were not limited to, ATM cash withdrawals, checks written to Miller, purchases of jewelry, makeup hair products, clothing, electronics and holiday decor/supplies.”

Over the four-year period, the report says, 50% of total township government spending was undocumented. In 2016, 69% of township government spending was undocumented, the report says.

Total township government spending over the four-year period was $331,651.93. Of that amount, $166,054.75 was not documented. Of that amount, the investigation found that $34,551.50 could be attributed to legitimate township government purposes, dropping the total undocumented to $131,503.25.

The special investigation itself cost another $45,229.50.

“I have nothing further to add to my previous statements,” Miller said in a written response to the investigation. “However I do contest the final dollar figures contained in this report that are allegedly attributable to me.”