Sturges Development is seeking permission from the Fort Wayne Planning Department to move ahead with a 35.5-acre commercial development plan for Prairie Centre, a project first unveiled in 2006.

Barry Sturges is resurrecting the southwest mixed-use development, which was approved by local officials and projected in 2008 to cost $57 million. But the development was shelved during the Great Recession, which began in late 2007.

“Now, we're a little more optimistic that the economy is in good shape,” Sturges said with a chuckle.

Asked for an updated project cost Thursday, Sturges offered a vague “multi-millions of dollars.”

The developer's most recent submission asks for planning officials' approval for road construction off Lower Huntington Road, a location recommended by Allen County officials as being safer than the one originally proposed. The development is near Ernst and Lower Huntington roads and Interstate 69.

Sturges expects easy passage because the request follows that recommendation, which came after an updated traffic study.
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