With resolutions from both the Shelbyville City Council and the Shelby County Council, the Shelby County Development Corp. will be working to get $50 million in grant money through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Shelbyville and Shelby County are teaming up with Decatur County, Rush County, Greensburg, Rushville and Batesville as a region along Interstate 74 to go after the grant money.

Brian Asher, executive director of the Shelby County Development Corporation and a member of the City Council, told the council during Thursday’s meeting that the resolution was essentially a letter of support to go after the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) grant money.

Funding was not involved for the city or county in the proposed resolution presented to both this week but Asher said they might need to provide some in the future.

The Indiana Economic Development Corp. will look at 10 regions and once that happens the I-74 region that includes Shelbyville and Shelby County can start proposing different opportunities and projects, Asher told the council.

Each region must have their projects put together by the end of August.
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