WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — For those still wondering where they should plant themselves on April 8 to experience the total solar eclipse, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Purdue University might have an answer for you — the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Event presented by Purdue University.

Partnering with NASA, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Purdue University aim to turn the motor racing circuit into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any family, Hoosier or space lover hoping to experience the eclipse in a unique manner.

“I said in 2018, that we didn’t know what we were going to do. As you know, Indiana weather can be unpredictable,” Doug Boles, President, of Indianapolis Motor Speedway said.

“We wanted to make sure what we were doing was putting together a whole bunch of activities so no matter what happens in the sky, folks that come to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will have a great opportunity to learn about space, learn a lot about the astronauts that have been there, but more importantly how an eclipse happen,” Boles said.

To ensure that families enjoy their visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Purdue and NASA will be providing several STEM educational opportunities throughout the day.

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