LAFAYETTE − The Greater Lafayette area has been named by SmartAsset the number one spot in the country for career opportunities for the second year in a row.

SmartAsset is an online destination for consumer-focused financial information and advice, according to a release from the City of Lafayette. Despite rising inflation costs, the Lafayette area is still a job seeker's market.

"There are roughly 11 million job openings available nationwide as of May 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS)," the release said. "For the same month, there were 6.5 million hires. Data from June 2022 shows a 4% increase in the percentage of people who voluntarily left their jobs compared with one year ago. In Greater Lafayette alone, there are currently 4,156 job openings that range from entry-level to skilled labor advanced manufacturing to executive management positions."

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In order to determine where job seekers have the best access to career opportunities, SmartAsset compiled data of the largest 200 metro areas across nine metrics. Topics such as employment, earnings, housing costs and access to career guidance were considered.

The following is SmartAsset's top ten ranking for career opportunities in the country:

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