The fluidity of COVID-19 is happening at Clay Community Schools, as more than 700 students and staff are homebound due to either testing postive for the virus or quarantines from contact tracing.

Coordinator of Health Services for Clay Community Schools Lynn Stoelting, BSN RN, is tracking the spread of the coronavirus in the local schools.

With 3,950 students enrolled this fall, 18 percent of students are either positive for COVID-19 or being quarantined.

According to data provided by the Indiana State Department of Health Thursday, Clay County is currently in the RED Advisory Category with 20.5% 7-Day All Tests Positivity Rates and 29.4% Unique - first time tested - 7-Day Positivity Rates. Since the beginning of the pandemic for Clay County, the overall cumulative rate for unique individuals testing positive is 22.6%.

Of the 11 Indiana counties currently in the RED Advisory Category of the 2-Week Metric, Clay County was second Thursday, topped by Warren County’s 20.9%.
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